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AscenD 19.5″


The original AscenD 19’’ frame design (to which we added this 19.5 version) is the foundation design of our AscenD line of frames. A classic flatland size for a frame combining maximum functionality and aesthetics, a frame that gives both space and a beautiful line to the bike. 
We also found the best durability / weight ratio. Every rider on the team has his own way to ride, progress and explore new motion territories but all of them share the need for resistance and momentum.

We’ve been riding the AscenD 19’’ since its creation in 2009 : already many years of fun and progression on our bikes. The goal was to make a frame inspired by the riding we wanted to learn—not the trends of the market, and make this frame a classic design that would stand the test of time. More and more riders of all ages and riding styles take notice and are expecting more size options of AscenD frames to match their needs.

This year we continue with our line based around that unique and recognised Heresy design, we recently introduced the AscenD X, which is a 19.5″ top tube frame combining the classic AscenD 19.5″ geometry to the 20″ look. The frame at the crossroads of both styles.

19″ (flatland) 

19,5″ (flatland)

19.5″ X (flatland, street)

20″ (flatland, street) 

20,5″ (flatland, street) 

Far from being just a suite of different sizes of the same frame, these 4 AscenD frames have been created as 2 pairs plus a crossover frame :

— The 19,5’’ is paired with the 19’’, only different in design by the length of its front end.

— The X is a 19.5″ top tube frame combining the classic AscenD 19.5″ short geometry to the 20″ shape.
The 20’’ and 20,5’’ are « natural » evolutions of the 19’’ as well : we had been dreaming of these frames as the combination of classic elements (BB height, standover) meeting the progressive AscenD design. The result is two longer but responsive frames with a unique design, crossing over the blurred lines of two worlds who have never shared so much riding than in recent years. Please check the 20" and 20.5" sections in this shop.

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