Image of New! AscenD 20.5’’ (2023-2024)

New! AscenD 20.5’’ (2023-2024)


The AscenD 20’’ and 20.5’’ are an evolution of the AscenD design. Again we’ve dreamt about these frames to realise. The goal was double : to develop two longer flatland frames without losing quickness and to enable flatlanders to ride street/skatepark too, all with the same bike. We hear all the time about how much flatland has infiltrated street in recent years but what if these AscenD frames even gave the chance to flatlanders to bring more to the table? Or simply let them have more fun by opening up new terrains to their riding. We were not interested in making another street frame you can ride « some » flatland with or another double diamond flat frame too short for street. The AscenD 20,5’’ makes the rider feel like he’s riding with the quickness, control and functionality of his flatland bike, except his flat bike is now long and strong enough to ride the street, the plaza and the deep end bowl ! Flatland frames you can ride street and park with. More riding ideas, more freedom.

20.5’’ (Flatland/Street) :
20.5’’ / 12.8’’- 13.4’’ / 75.5° / 70° / BB 11.8’’ / Thickened straight gauge down tube and double butted top tube / Tire clearance 2,20’’ / 6mm thick CNC laser cut 14mm drop-outs with integrated chain tensioners / Brakeless or with removable brake mounts & cable guides / 2,100kg

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